‘I first approached Linda wanting some advice on how to get more energy and nutrition through everyday eating. I knew I had made a good investment after my first meeting with her! She really listened to what I had to say, what foods I liked and disliked and what exactly I was wanting to achieve.

The information that I received was tailored to my needs with pages of meal and snack ideas. I absolutely loved Linda’s friendly and easy personality and would highly recommend her to anyone I knew. I just have a more positive outlook on how I feel now and that is all due to Linda.’ M.S.

‘Thanks for your efforts.

You come across with a very easy and professional manner.’ K.D.

‘I can highly recommend Linda to anyone that wants to improve their nutrition and physical health. With her professional and caring manner, Linda is easy to talk to and is both thorough and holistic in her approach. Whatever issue you are working with, Linda will expertly guide and help you to make the best choices and provide the necessary follow up to track your progress.’ J.H.

I just thought I would send you a quick email and let you know I tried your beetroot recipe and it was a hit.  I honestly didn't think that my kids would eat it especially my picky son and he couldn't get enough!!! He didn't want to eat anything else! We ate all together and I can tell you that his beetroot eating made our night!!  So thanks.  He also loved baked garlic, so go figure!!

The information that I received from Linda was both practical and easy to understand.  Linda has a excellent knowledge of foods nutritional values and health benefits.  I found it helpful that Linda took into account the importance of meeting the needs of the whole family and gave useful recipes that catered to all our needs. I appreciated her enthusiasm and her generosity in sharing her expertises with me.

I’ve loved working with Linda and I’ve learnt so much from her! She’s amazing – professional, knowledgeable and approachable.

Thanks again for the sessions you are delivering with our managers. You deliver them in such a positive way. It was great to watch the faces of the managers today as they digested everything you said. (Pun intended)


Thank you so very very much for your wonderful presentation today.  You managed to pack in such a lot of extremely valuable information in a short space of time and I know that the women also really valued the written information provided, as did Cathy and I.

We also appreciated your extremely positive approach, with your bubbly laughter and emphasis on all the positive things we can do, rather than making us feel guilty about eating things that are 'not so good' for us.

I am sure that in the coming weeks the women will talk more about the benefits from your talk.