Relaxing in the Bathroom

Have a bath with a handful of Epsom salts but for no longer than ten minutes.

When magnesium sulphate is absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, it draws toxins from the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles and is a natural emollient and exfoliator. Don’t soak for too long though, after around ten minutes the body will start to re-absorb toxins! Epsom salts are readily available at most chemists or health food shops and are available in the online shop. 

Try a dry skin brush with a natural bristle brush to aid elimination and circulation. 

This will assist your lymph system to clear itself of toxins that build up in the lymph glands. Use this simple technique to improve surface circulation, and keep the pores open, encouraging the body to discharge metabolic waste, resulting in increased ability to deal with pathogens all the while making your skin glow with health and vitality! 

Benefits of dry skin brushing:

  • Firms the skin
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves cellulite
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Encourages cell renewal
  • Cleans the  Lymphatic System
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Improves the exchange between cells

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Buy a NATURAL, not synthetic, bristle brush, since it does not scratch the surface of your skin.
  2. Buy a brush with a long handle, so that you're able to get to the areas of your body, which are not easy to reach, when doing your own skin brushing.
  3. Skin Brush, before showering or bathing, at least once per day, and twice, if possible.
  4. Do not wet your skin, since it will not have the same effect, because this stretches your skin.
  5. Avoid sensitive areas and any broken skin.
  6. Brush each part of your body several times, completely brushing your whole body.
  7. Brush the soles of your feet first, because the nerve endings there affect your whole body, next brush your ankles, calves, and thighs, then brush across your stomach and your buttocks and lastly brush your hands to your arms.
  8. Always skin brush towards the heart.
  9. Do circular counter-clockwise strokes on your abdomen.
  10. Take a warm bath or shower, which should always be followed by a cool rinse at the end to invigorate blood circulation and stimulate surface warmth.
  11. Wash your brush regularly in water and allow it dry completely.

Hot Flannel Scrub

This is a lovely way to increase relaxation, circulation and detoxification; stimulating the pores allowing better elimination. The hot towel scrub rejuvenates our skin, our largest organ of elimination, creating an enhanced two way flow of sensory information between you and your environment and creates a loving connection between you and your body. 

Take a flannel (find a really special one just for this purpose) and dip it in hot water, wring it out and rub your entire body for five to ten minutes. Rub in whatever direction feels best and most natural for you. 

Invigorating in the morning and relaxing in the evening as it has a neutralising and balancing effect on the mind. 

Do this by the basin and look in the mirror and really see your body and you will really open up a new relationship with your body and learn to love it. I know it sounds very simple but sometimes the best things in life are!