Active Elements Health Assessment

Visit the Active Elements Health Assessment by clicking on the box below.

Visit Active Elements health assessment.

The first question the system will ask you will be: ‘Is this your first assessment?’ You should answer, ‘YES’. You will then be required to enter your basic details and to provide your own ‘Username’ and ‘Password’, which you will then use on any future visits to the website (please don't forget your 'username' and 'password').

Hint: At the very end of the questionnaire, you'll have the opportunity to enter any comments that you may feel are important and relevant to your case (the more you can tell me about yourself the better). Maybe give a bit of thought to these issues and make a few notes before you go online.

The questionnaire will take you about 15 minutes to complete on the first occasion.

Best wishes and I'll get back to you after you complete the questionnaire and I've had a chance to consider the results,

Nutrition Wise Limited