Nutritionist - Auckland - Linda Outhwaite

Linda graduated from Wellpark College as “Top Nutrition Student” in 2009. She is a member of the Clinical Nutrition Association and a member of the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation. Linda has worked with many clients to achieve better health outcomes through change in food menus, cooking recipes and natural supplements.

Linda’s focus is not only nutrition but nurturing the whole person to be the best they can be to function dynamically both at work and in the home. Nutrition plans need to be functional and easily adapted to fit into today’s busy lifestyle as well as providing an enjoyable dining experience. Linda works closely with General Practitioners to support clients from a holistic view, understanding the nutritional habits and environment and suggesting achievable goals through use of readily available foods and supplements.

Nutritionwise - Healthy Living

Healthy Living and Lifestyle bring enjoyment and well being for the individual and the family.

Healthy Nutritional guidelines encourage eating, cooking and living in a manner that maximizes the benefits for the body and supports healthy outcomes.

By incorporating appropriate ingredients in cooking and menus and supporting with natural supplements we achieve better health outcomes now and for your future health too. 

Linda is all about adding things to your diet rather than eliminating them!  

New Zealand Herald Reporter

See how a popular Herald reporter found her initial consultation with Linda (click here)

Active Elements - Mineral therapy

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Linda encourages all clients to take the online Active Elements® assessment - click here to provide indications of health and well being. From this assessment Linda can recommend your Active elements Mineral formuals to support YOUR body - and we are all different! 

The Active Elements® System is based upon the belief that many health issues stem from mineral element imbalances within the body. Minerals are required for most biochemcial reactions in the body including the uptake of vitamins and other nutrients from food.

Active Elements are prepared with the best quality ingredients from Europe and are sugar, gluten and lactose free and suitable for vegans. The unique formula incorporates the actual mineral and homepathic ingredients to give the formulas a real advatage in the way they work in our bodies. 

These imbalances can occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Substandard diet

  • Daily losses as aresult of normal metabolism

  • Growing, proceessing, transport and storage of our food

  • Chronic mental and physical stress

  • Poor nutrient absorption/digestive disorders

  • Medications

  • Drinking

  • Smoking

  • Genetic predispotion for nutrient imbalance

  • Sports and intense exercise

  • Acute or chronic illness

Often these imbalances remain undetected, the Active Elements® online Assessment System provides a simple, quick and non-invasive way to determine any mineral imbalances that may exist.

Science generally (and most practitioners too) only consider the role that the 'cation' plays in both health and disease, but with Active Elements® we believe that the action of the negatively charged element (the anion), is quite often, as important, or more important than that of the positively charged element (the cation).

We have also observed that special biochemical relationships exist between the various elements. Relationships that can be manipulated in ways that not only increase the therapy's effectiveness, but also reduce the number of elements needed and therefore the cost. Active Elements are safe to take with most medications and will enhance the uptake of any other supplements you may be prescribed. 

Your personalised Active Elements mineral assessment is sent to you via email, free of charge, usually within 24 hours, giving you real time results.

As mineral element Imbalances in the soil affect the health of plants and animals, so too can Imbalances affect the health of us humans as well. We can also suffer imbalances without realising it, because the first signs of a mineral element Imbalance are vague and very rarely noticed. If attention is sought for these early symptoms, they are most times misdiagnosed and treated as something else. Orthodox medicine quite often treats every symptom as if it were an illness in its own right. This is why a person can be prescribed a whole collection of drugs (particularly evident with the elderly). These symptoms may well be the body's way of letting us know that there is something wrong and hopefully giving us the opportunity to prevent an illness from developing.

Prevention is always better than cure!

If you are very active, head over to the Nutrition and Health Tips page to read the article, by Dr. Lisa Williams, on how Active Elements can asisst with removing lactic acid and relieve those aching muscles! 

Allergy Hair Testing

Linda has found that Allergy Hair Testing using the Polden Clinic in England has resulted in a better understanding for many clients of those aspects of life that are causing adverse reactions in the body. a recent Herald article by Gill South featured the Hair test and its results. (Click here)

Arthritis New Zealand

Linda spoke at the Arthritus Foundation, May 2012 conference on the significance of Good Nutrition in assisting with the management of arthritis. The Arthritis New Zealand Conference which is held annually, focuses on the treatment, management and support of arthritis sufferers.

Nutrition consultation

If you would like a consultation or advice on nutritional matters please contact Linda by email or telephone. Please have a look at the Online Shop for the many products we have available for health and nutritional support, if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.